Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here Goes

Welcome. Having dipped a couple of toes in the Twitterstream, I'm taking a further plunge here. It's surprising to me that while there are scores of excellent blogs that comment on books, writing, and the publishing industry, only a few are written by publishers and editors themselves. It also makes me a little nervous--what do they know that I don't? If I think about this too much longer I'll talk myself out of it so I had better type fast and hit Publish.

What I promise not to do on this page:
  • post glorified press releases (or actual ones)
  • rhapsodize about the mysteries of writing or the thrill of “discovering a new voice"
  • use the word “excited” or “exciting” more than once a month

Here's what I will try to do:
  • Talk candidly about what goes on in a publishing house from one editor's point of view. 
  • Comment on other things going on in publishing that I think are of interest to readers, writers, and other people involved in the world of books
  • Tell you about books that really interest (whew, I almost said “excite”) me, and why
And probably I'll occasionally pass on a completely random link like this.

Your comments are welcome.

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