Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Doctor Is (Back) In

Dear Readers,

When I started this blog one of my motivations for doing it was that very few trade publishers or editors were actually on the web talking about what we do or how the book world looks from a publisher's perspective. Since that time I've become aware of one reason why: this blog-writing thing takes a lot of time! We do things in the office all day, and then go home to read and edit; somewhere in there we might see our spouses or children, but an editorial job tends to fill up a lot of hours that could otherwise be devoted to exciting activities like blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking. 

I keep hoping I will develop the skill of tossing off the pithy 100- or 150-word blog post like Seth Godin or Chris Brogan, but I seem to be doomed to crank out 300 or 800 word posts that take me hours to write (partly because I can't help myself--I edit them). All of which is a longwinded excuse for the hiatus since my last post. It wasn't that I got lost in the ash cloud on the way home from London--I got submerged in the manuscript pile. I'm happy to say that the manuscripts I neglected this blog to edit over the last several weeks--one on the Pythagorean Theorem, one on health care reform, and one on the morality of animals--were all terrific books that I can't wait to see in print. But I will save writing about those until they get closer to a bookstore near you. Meanwhile I will do my best to resume posting at a regular, not-quite-blistering pace. There is much to discuss, from the mysteries of flap copy to the latest maneuvers in the e-book world and question of whether this week's developments are really "game changing." 

Yours very truly,
Dr. S.