Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Bad Was 2009? It Could Be Verse

Now any writer sane or dotty
Calls himself a twitterati,
Producing literary treasures
In hundred forty unit measures.
The future Milton, Pope, or Keats—
Immortalized in deathless tweets!

I have referred more than once on this page to the very astute commentary of the literary agent and e-book publisher Richard Curtis, who blogs at  Richard's blog is worth reading not only for his insights into the changing book business but for his sense of humor. And in this week's issue of Publishers Weekly, he sums up the past year in a very witty poem.  A couple of brief excerpts above and below, but treat yourself to reading the whole thing here.

Two thousand nine—the year that we
Were taught the benefits of “free.”
A book is now considered bought
When it is sold to you for naught.
This paradox makes perfect sense
Unless you hope for recompense.
We learned that zero is a price.
If you’re the buyer? Really nice!
If you’re the seller? Lots of luck.